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 The AWP6403 powerful portable 100 watt amplified AC DUAL Channel Public Address System comes with 2 x lapel wireless microphones and a wireless belt pack transmitter or with a lapel and headset wireless microphones.

Either one or 2 of the included wireless microphones can be used at the same time as well as multiple plug in wired microphones if desired. The system also has a built in cassette player/recorder. This system puts out an honest 100 watts and we actually could stated 125 watts without anyone questioning the power of the unit.

It is fantastic for a large variety of applications and audience sizes up to 800+ in a space up to a small gym. It's uses include the following: seminars, trade shows, auctions, entertainment (magicians, comics, singers, poetry reading etc.), outdoor political rallies, aerobics, auctions, scout meetings, public speeches, meetings, bingo, swap meets, trade shows, parties, picnics, softball games, weddings... etc.

AWP6403 Portable 100 Watt Portable PA System FEATURES

  • PA System and Wireless Receiver:
  • VHF Band Frequency (170 – 250 MHz)
  • Built-in Two Channel Wireless Microphone System
  • Built-in rugged retractable dolly
  • Three Unbalanced Microphone Inputs and One Balanced Microphone Input
  • One Aux Input, One Line Out, One Tape Record Out
  • Microphone Volume Controls, Tone Control, Echo Control, Tape Volume Control, Aux
  • Volume Control
  • External Speaker Output Jacks
  • Built-in Cassette Tape Player/Recorder
  • Tone Code Security Circuitry for Reducing interference Wireless Transmitter
  • VHF Band Frequency (170-250 MHz)
  • Antenna with Built-in Noise Terminator Circuit
  • High Sensitivity Cardioids Capsule
  • Noise Reduction Mechanism for Eliminating Handling Noise and Switch Shock Noise
  • Low Battery LED Indicator

Wireless Transmitter:

  • Carrier Frequency Range VHF Band (170 – 250MHz)
  • RF Power Output 30mW (Max.)
  • Frequency Stability +/- 0.005%
  • Spurious Emission More Than 45dB below Carrier Frequency
  • Maximum Deviation +/- 15KHz
  • AF Response 50 – 18,000Hz (+/- 3dB)

Microphone Capsule

  • Dynamic for Handheld Mic. Electret Condenser for Lavalier Mic.
  • Operating Voltage DC 9V
  • Current Consumption Approx. 20mA
  • LED Indicator
  • Power On/Off and Low Battery
  • PA System and Wireless Receiver:
  • Carrier Frequency Range
  • VHF Band (170 – 250MHz
  • Frequency Stability +/- 0.005%, with Crystal & Temperature Stabilizer
  • S/N Ratio > 100dB
  • Dynamic Range > 100dB
  • Receiving Sensitivity 10dB / uV @ 60dB S/N Ratio
  • Image and Spurious Rejection 80dB Minimum
  • Service Area > 150ft
  • AF Response 50 – 18,000Hz (+/- 3dB)
  • T.H.D. < 0.5% @ 1KHz
  • Max. Modulation +/- 15Khz

Audio Outputs

  • Balanced: -20dB (0dB = 0.775V)
  • Unbalanced: 0-0.5V
  • Dimensions (W X H X D) 318 X 470 X 248mm (12.5" X 18.5" X 9.75")
  • Weight 12.3 Kg (27.0 lb)
  • Power Supply DC 18V Adapter
AUDIO2000 AWP6403 portable 100 WATT PA System with 2 x WIRELESS MICROPHONES

$399.95 + $59.95  S/H/I in the continental USA

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